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Bentley Pictures is an Australian production company and was formed and is run mainly by Rebecca Ann Bentley. She is an actor, writer, producer, director & editor who has worked in the industry for many years, both in Australia and Canada.

Her passion for telling stories only grows strong each day. The films she makes and scripts she writes mainly focus and have important messages in them. Her current award winnings short films are touring around festivals across the world.

Rebecca created this production company to be able to share more stories that matter, mainly focused on women, and spread awareness about topics close to her heart, as well as support and represent other productions. 

In 2020, Rebecca joined forces with Martin Hroch in Vancouver, Canada, linking her connections back there.

Bentley Productions is currently filming its feature film debut, 'Kill Me, Heal Me', a film about violence against men which will also be the first feature film the company is behind.




Rebecca Ann Bentley's Director, Producer & Editor Demo Reel



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